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North Carolina Individual Health Insurance

How do I choose the right North Carolina individual health insurance plan?

We work with our clients to assist them in choosing the best health insurance policy by illustrating to you how some plans will leave you broke on certain claims because of limited coverage and how others will make you broke by paying the inflated premiums every month! There is no one size fits all type of plan...each individual or family is different. Some people only go to the doctor annually to get a physical while others may go every time they have a sniffle. Young couples may be looking to start a family and need maternity coverage in North Carolina. Others may be financially well off and willing to pay for the "small stuff" out of pocket but want protection for their nest egg in the event of the Big One. Each of these is different scenarios and would require a different plan option. We go through a very detailed interview with you to make sure we fit the right coverage to your needs.
Can I still buy North Carolina individual health insurance if I have a pre existing condition?
Family and Individual health insurance NC is different from Group (employer sponsored) insurance in that they can decline, rider, or raise rates based on your health at the time of application.
Some common reasons people can be declined for individual coverage:
  • multiple medications - especially brand name 
  • recent (last 2-3 years) treatment for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, immune system disorders, or any other serious medical condition
  • recent (last 6 months including physical therapy) injury
  • height/weight outside guideline range
  • multiple conditions/injuries/illnesses
North Carolina individual health insurance carriers each have their own set of underwriting guidelines. Where some may decline you coverage for certain conditions and treatments, others may issue a rider and others might just rate you higher. Each condition is different and this is one reason why we encourage you to work with a professional to assist you.
If you have questions about your preexisting conditions whether listed above or not, please call us at 704-560-8972 or email us to receive confidential personal assistance from a licensed agent. We will be able to advice you based on your specific medical history.
What should I look for when buying an individual health insurance policy?
  1. What does the plan cover? What is not covered?
  2. Will the plan pay for prescriptions?
  3. Are there any limits on certain procedures? Example, caps on cancer treatment, organ transplants, etc.
  4. How often do rates change? Will they increase as I get older or have a major claim?
  5. How much is my deductible and copays?
  6. Are there waiting periods before certain treatments are covered? If so, how long?
  7. What the lifetime maximum benefit?
  8. What is my annual Out of Pocket (OOP) exposure?
  9. Is maternity covered?
Due to the complexities outlined above in purchasing the appropriate North Carolina individual health insurance plan we recommend you contact us for a no obligation, no pressure counseling to determine what is right for your situation.

Southeast Insurance Solutions, Inc.
2137 Chatham Avenue
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