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Short Term Health Insurance NC

If you are in a situation where you are needing health insurance for just a small period of time then a short term health insurance NC policy may be all that you need.  However, before jumping into this type of policy lets review some different topics to make sure you understand when and how these plans are best utilized.

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A NC Temporary health insurance policy is exactly as it implies, temporary or for a short defined term.  This term can be for one month, two months, or up to an eleven month period. 

What situations are best for a short term health plan:

  1. To cover the waiting period for coverage to begin at a new job.  Typically employer plans will have a 3 month waiting period before health benefits start.
  2. Relatively healthy individual without pre existing conditions that is within 11 months of their 65th birthday that will be eligible for Medicare.
  3. In between jobs and have have employment with benefits with a guaranteed start date.

It is important to note that short term health insurance NC DOES NOT COVER PRE EXISTING HEATLH CONDITIONS.  This means that if you have a pre existing condition it will NOT be covered.  Also, if you are on a temporary policy and develop a health condition if you were to renew your short term policy the new policy WOULD NOT cover the pre existing condition. For these reasons I only recommend this type of policy if you have a guaranteed issue policy available (group plan) in the near future.

Let's look at an example:

  1. Betty takes out a 6 month temporary policy because it is inexpensive and she feels that she will have employment with benefits within this time period.  After 5 1/2 months of being on this plan she is diagnosed with lung cancer. Her initial treatments for the cancer are covered for the remaining 2 weeks of the policy. However, because the policy ends if she were to renew the coverage it would not continue to cover the cancer due to it being a pre existing conditon.  Her only option for coverage would be through an employer plan or she could possibly get coverage through the North Carolina health insurance risk pool.
  2. Betty is starting a new job tomorrow but the health benefits do not start for 3 months.  Therefore she takes out a 3 month short term policy. Unfortunately she is diagnosed with cancer within 2 1/2 months of taking out this policy.  Her claims are covered for 2 weeks on the short term policy and because she has had continuous coverage for previous 12 months (3 being on the short term plan) her group coverage starts and continues paying on the cancer claim.

As you can see these are some pretty drastic expamples but hopefully the point gets across.  There is a time and place for a short term health insurance NC policy. My advice it to make sure that you review your situation with us to make sure that this is the right NC health insurance option for you.

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