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Group Health Insurance North Carolina

Small business owners that employ 2-50 people can obtain group health insurance North Carolina.  A  North Carolina small business health insurance plan provides medical care for yourself and your employees, as well as helping spread the financial risk between all the members, which usually means lower premiums and more extensive coverage for everyone.  Employer contributions (employers must contribute at least 50% of the employees premiums) to a small business health insurance plan are generally 100% tax deductible, and employees save on payroll taxes.  Small businesses (and certain organizations, like non-profits) are generally eligible for group health insurance so long as they can show two or more full-time taxable employees.
Reasons to Offer Your Employees Group Health Insurance North Carolina
Are you a small business owner?  Do you often ask yourself if you should be offering health insurance to your employees?  Do you think that by not offering health insurance to your employees is a good way to save on costs?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.  However, offering health insurance for your employees can and is very beneficial to both you and your employees. 
Let's take a look at some reasons why:
  1. Make and keep your employees happy.  Offering affordable health insurance to your employees as a benefit for working for you is a great incentive to keep your employees happy and loyal.   
  2. You want to hire and keep the best employees. When people are choosing between possible job opportunities, the fact that a company offers North Carolina health insurance may be a the main factor in their decision making for taking the job.
  3. Tax deductions. Did you know that 100% of insurance premiums are a business tax deduction?
  4. Increased productivity and decrease in absenteeism. When employees are covered for health insurance they know that if anything should happen to them they will be covered and are more likely to attend work everyday and work to their full potential.
  5. Pre-tax premium contributions. Employees that have group health insurance North Carolina through an employer, their share of the premium is taken out of their paycheck before taxes are taken out. Depending on their tax bracket this is a substantial savings to them from what they would have to pay if they had to purchase individual health insurance on their own.
  6. Guaranteed Issue: All group plans are guaranteed issue which means that no one can be declined coverage. This is crucial if owners or key individuals in the company have health conditions which would make them uninsurable on the individual market. Group coverage may be their only means to health insurance.
  7. Offer your employees a North Carolina Health Savings Account plan. Health Savings Accounts offer a flexible way for business owners to offer health insurance while keeping their costs at a minimum. This also gives their employees a lower cost option as well as an account to save for future medical expenses as well as retirement.
Take another look at your company and your employees.  Decide what your specific needs are and find a plan that fits those needs. Insurance companies offer plans for small businesses as small as 2 individuals and as large as 50 persons. Whatever your reason is for looking into group health insurance North Carolina for your company, call us today to get your small business or group health insurance quote today.
Southeast Insurance Solutions, Inc.
2137 Chatham Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205