NC Health Insurance for the Unemployed

North Carolina, like many other states, is still struggling with high unemployement. Most individuals in our state have relied on their employer for the NC health insurance benefits. Now that so many people are still out of work many are finding that they cannot afford their COBRA health insurance premiums...especially if they have recently lost the COBRA subsidy that was put in place in 2009 with an extension in 2010.

So, where does that leave you?  Well there really are better choices than COBRA to begin with.  Because COBRA only last for up to 18 months it really is only a temporary solution, albeit an expensive one. 

What type of coverage is best for you and your family?  I can't really answer that here as it really is dependent on your current situation.  More times than not I find that a high deductible health plan works the best for folks that are generally healthy and are looking to save on their premiums but still have full catastrophic coverage for hospitalizations and prescriptions.

Sometimes you can save even further with a "Basic" type plan.  These typically limit the number of office visits anywhere from 2-4 times per year depending on the carrier, limit prescription coverage to only generic drugs, but will still offer you great coverage in the event you are hospitalized.  (Note, due to the generic only drug coverage, I personally have a lot of reservations about these.  Some prescriptions can cost $2000-$4000 per month if you happen to be the unlucky one that has to take them you wont be real happy with this plan).

Another option is a short term policy.  These are often very inexpensive and they do not cover office visits, prescription drugs or preexisting conditions.  The only time I find these to be a useful option is if you have guaranteed issue coveage (like an employer plan) starting in the next 3-6 months and you use this as "gap coverage".

You can always give me a call at 704-560-8972 to discuss your options.  This is a free service and I will explain to you all your option or rates.  Or if you would like to just see some of your options, click this link for your North Carolina health insurance quote.



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