Best Individual Health Insurance North Carolina

Which carrier offers the best individual health insurance North Carolina?  This is a question that seems to get searched for a lot according to my analytics.  The answer to this is there isn't one BEST company for everyone.  What may be the best option for you may or may not be the best option for your brother or neighbor. 

Let me explain a little further.  Many people search the internet for health insurance quotes all the time. These quotes really mean very little unless you are healthy as a horse.  These rates are quoted best case scenario but this is a start.  Now lets say you have sleep apnea.  Do you think you will get the rate that you are quoted.  Well you won't because of the high risk involved with this condition. Most carriers will infact deny you coverage whereas some will rate you up as much as 300% and others will place a rider on this condition (meaning they won't cover it nor will they cover any complications that arise from it).  Other common conditions that many individual have include anxiety/depression, migrains, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, and obesity.  All of these are viewed differently by the various carriers and will be rated differently which will have a major effect on your final premium.

That touches a bit on the underwriting variotions of different health insurance companies. But what about plan variations amongst them.  Here are some common terms that you should be familar with and compare between plans:

  • Deductibles - How many deductibles per family?
  • Coinsurance - What is the maximum amount of coinsurance for the individual and family?
  • Prescription Drugs - Does the plan cover brand name drugs?
  • Copays - Are there limits on the number of times you can see your doctor?  What does the copay

These are just some of the important features of plans that you need to look.  When it comes down to determining which carrier or plan offers the best individual health insurance North Carolina you really should work directly with a professional that can answer all these questions for you. There is no cost associated with working through an agent so it is a win win for everyone.

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