2013 North Carolina HSA Limits

In 2013, North Carolina Health Savings Account (HSA) plans will see in increase in both their contribution limits as well as their deductible minimums.

The maximum contribution that can be made to your HSA account will now be $3,250 for individual accounts and $6,450 for family accounts.  The individual limit is $150 higher than 2012 and the family limit is $200 higher than 2012.  This gives you more money to put away for medical claims which also means more money to write off on your taxes.  Remember, ALL money you put into your HSA account, up to the maximum allowed, is 100% tax deductible whether you use the money or not.

Also, in 2013 the minimum deductible allowed for an individual plan is $1,250, which is a $50 increase from 2012.  Also for two or more persons on the policy, known as a family plan, the minimum deductible will be $2,500.  Most of the time, it is not advised to go with these low of deductibles as the annual premiums for these are higher than savings you would get if you were to max out the deductible.  In otherwords, you will typically save money with a higher deductible whether you used the coverage or not.

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